Case - Selling reinvented
IT products

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The task:
Find a manufacturer of high-demand product for the mass market.
IT technologies are a required attribute of the modern world. Every area of life is not complete without the use of a laptop. Education, work, entertainment have completely influenced by modern technology. For mass consumers, the reliability and price of a laptop are very important.

Daehan Trading

will ensure the product release for the mass market.
Daehan Trading company was able to find a very advantageous offer for the demand of mass consumers. Using a wide network of contacts, we were able to find the right manufacturer from Sweden. This workshop is renovating laptop and gives a guarantee for every position
The mass consumer got the opportunity to buy a laptop from a well-known brand Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba at an affordable price with a guarantee for uninterrupted operation. Regional distributors also received excellent conditions for cooperation. The guarantee is provided by a workshop from Sweden. This allowed them to invest in advertising for more sales promotion. As a result, we were able to establish sales of reinvented laptops between the workshop and the point of sale.

Our experts be able to sell any products in any market.
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