Blog - What is a Сall to Аction?

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The visitor has left the site. Dropped the shopping cart. Didn't pay for the selected product. Why didn't you manage to retain him, or rather attract his attention. And what do you "hook" the user?

A CTA (Call To Action) is a marketing cue which invites the user to perform a certain action.

A CTA is a small button or hint that gives the user an understanding of what their next step might be. Select an item, add it to cart, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a feedback form, or pay. A well-designed CTA increases conversions and holds the user's attention.
Why is CTA important?
There is no perfect formula for a CTA. But if the user is already on your website, it's important to lead them further down the sales funnel and push them to the next action: comparison, checkout, payment, completing the sale. A call to action, and more than one, can be placed on each of your resources. With different wording, size, colour and links. Keep in mind: what works on one site may not work on another.

A well-designed CTA has an impact on the most important parameters of a website's ranking - the bounce rate and the click-through rate. A strong and creative CTA evokes emotion and/or enthusiasm and spurs action.

Place CTA
Keeping a user's attention is not easy. He enters the site and assesses it in the first 3 seconds. He closes immediately if nothing "catches" him. The next time for triggers is 8 seconds. Therefore, it is important that the CTA is always unobtrusive on any page of the site, in a prominent position.

This may seem obvious, but your CTA needs to be clickable. If it looks convincing, users will not click on the link. This is why the button format is familiar and widely used.

Brief and to the point

The information for the CTA should be short and simple. The CTA should give the user a sense of urgency. The user should immediately understand what they can get out of doing your CTA.

The size of the CTA should be made adaptable to the devices. The parameters (size) and content of a CTA that's placed on a website page is quite different from what it would look like in an email. For example, Apple says in its research that "the CTA in the mobile interface should be at least 44×44 pixels, while Microsoft recommends 34×26 pixels.
What are calls to action
The CTA should be communicated in just a few words, the smaller the better. It could be a button, a hyperlink in an email, or a social media icon. By the way, the colour of the button and the background should contrast so that the call to action stands out among the other elements on the web page.

Examples of a call to action (CTA) for B2C:
- Subscribe
- Download the e-book
- Get demo
- Share on social media
- Take action now

Examples of a call to action (CTA) for B2B:

- Get the demo
- Book an appointment
- Contact the sales team
- Free trial
- Sign up
Examples of call to action (CTA) for e-commerce:
- Add to cart
- Buy Now
- Check out
- Add to Wishlist
- Shop For Sale

Daehan Trading and A/B testing strategy
Website visitors react differently to CTA recommendations. Identifying the most effective CTA is helped by A/B testing. Daehan Trading Co researches the customer's business, prepares different CTAs, analyses the test results, suggests options, thereby increasing the conversion rate of the customer's website. Keep in mind that CTA is a tool that helps retain a potential customer. Its effectiveness depends directly on the price structure, the amount of traffic to the site, the quality of the product or service, and the marketing plan of the campaign.
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