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You can emphasize for yourself a lot of useful information from the "Our cases" section. Unusual cases, the complexity of large transactions and the nuances of working in modern world trade.

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CASES from our experience
All information is provided with the preservation of the privacy of our clients. If you want to clarify some of the nuances, you can write to us by mail

Case - Digital Entertainment Market Research

2021 is characterized by the recovery of the world economy after quarantine restrictions. Because of to the remote format of work, people began to spend more time online...
27 August 2021

Case - Mobile devices market research

As we have said, IT products are indispensable attributes of the modern world. Requirements for IT products are also beginning to grow...
4 August 2021

Case - Search for Premium Auto Suppliers

We received a request to search for components for premium automotive engines. It was a premium car repair company...
26 July 2021

Case - Wholesale of a large batch of car tires

The auto steal was the most comfortable mean of transportation on long and medium distances. Everyone prefers safe and convenient movement...
14 July 2021

Case - Selling of Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

Today, every resident of the metropolis has problems with movement. In densely built-up conditions, formed huge traffic jams...
5 July 2021

Case - Selling reinvented
IT products

IT technologies are a required attribute of the modern world. Every area of life is not complete without the use of a laptop.
17 June 2021

Case - Sales of Xiaomi goods from Hong Kong to Europe

Recently, our company received an order from a manufacturer for the implementation of a large batch of Xiaomi electronics.
17 May 2021
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