Case - Mobile devices market research

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As we have said, IT products are indispensable attributes of the modern world. Requirements for IT products are also beginning to grow. For example, before the phone was used for calls, then with the help of the phone you could use the Internet. Today, a mobile phone must have notebook-level performance.

Daehan Trading

is engaged in marketing research to predict the sale of any goods.
Daehan Trading specialists conducted research on the behavior of mobile phone users on the Internet in Europe market. The average user spends up to 6 hours a day on the Internet. Moreover, he spends about 2 hours watching video content. Most videos are shot in 4K format. To meet these requirements, the mobile phone must be quite productive, with a large display and a high battery level.
Samsung Galaxy Note is ideal for this usage format. This phone model supports 8K video format. It can connect to the mobile network 4G or to Wifi. And it contains a powerful battery that will allow you to use the device throughout the day. In other words, it is a mobile phone with laptop performance. We contacted the manufacturer to establish sales of goods to European markets. The sale of the first batches showed that consumers liked this product.
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