Case - Wholesale of a large batch of car tires

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The task:
Searching demanded products for sales in large batches
The auto steal was the most comfortable mean of transportation on long and medium distances. Everyone prefers safe and convenient movement. According to our research, the most important factor that affects travel safety - is car tyres. On average, tires change 2 times a year, during the winter and flight periods. But the quality of seasonal tires has become worse over the years. Consumers would like to buy new sets of tires, but everyone is repelled by the high cost.

Daehan Trading

will provide a buyer base for selling your product
Daehan Trading company decided to take advantage of this market situation. Often, car owners change tires not on their own, but through car service center. Given this situation, we suggested that the car service center networks make a wholesale order.
By gaining enough orders, we were able to guarantee a low price for customers. As a result, car service cente networks were able to organize advantageous offer. If consumers make an advance payment for new sets of tires, they will receive a discount of up to 20%. Consumers liked it, and the car service center networks were able to expand the sale of their services.
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